A virtual canine companion named GROKE

About Us

Groke, the AI meme dog, is a virtual canine companion that has taken the internet by storm. With its endearing and relatable expressions, Groke has become a beloved figure in online communities. From heartwarming moments to humorous escapades, Groke brings joy to users worldwide, embodying the playful spirit of internet culture. Join the fun as Groke continues to wag its digital tail and charm its way into the hearts of meme enthusiasts everywhere.

How to Use LP Bot

There are 2 different ways to receive messages on Telegram from the LP Bot:

You can join the official LP Bot Telegram Channel and view notifications/messages from all LP Locks that are locked for 1 month or longer.

You can create your own custom notifications/messages on Telegram and filter LP Locks by lock duration.

To do this click on the LP Bot on Telegram at LPBOT

Click on /start or /join.

Choose which LP locks you want to view. For example, if you choose 6 months or longer then you will see all LP Locks that happen in real-time that are 6 months or longer.
If you want to stop the LP Bot from sending you messages type in /leave and lock enter.

Future Roadmap

More Filters

Users can set their preferred lock durations, such as 3 or 6 months, and receive instant notifications when tokens lock their liquidity beyond these set periods. This feature is crucial because locked liquidity ensures token stability, protects investors from price manipulations, and fosters a reliable crypto ecosystem. The LP Bot is built to provide crypto investors with potential projects to invest in.


As we get more users to onboard LP Bot, we will have thousands to tens of thousands of messages going out every day to potential crypto investors. This will give us an opportunity to add advertisements to every message to generate revenue.

$LPBOT Token

$LPBOT will be launching on the Ethereum Blockchain

Taxes will be 4%


Will Go to Development


Will Go to Marketing


Will Go to Buybacks

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